On Fearlessness, Elegance, and Badassedness

Cannon Fist Flow: Waterfall-Fallingwater-Wright

On Fearlessness

For cowards: pretend, with as much pretension as possible, to never be afraid. To have no fear. As if you've never been afraid...

See how it works?

Cowards build rigid cages where they live all alone, pretending.

No-fear is a fragile fantasy.

Cannon Fist vs Fear: Tunnel-Waterval-Boven-by-Olivier-Karin

For Warriors —

  • Relax.
  • Feel your fear.
  • It's okay.

Cannon Fist Training develops relaxed-alertness with casual, meditative postures — because this calm centering allows us to both become aware of our fears and to move through them.

Discover that You're Elegant

Move with and through some of your fears, and you'll notice that: you move better.

Our crazy irony of fear, on a basic physical level, is that it perpetuates itself...

Afraid to fall? Sure. Most people are (at least a little). Rigid, stiff hips — fear based physical tension designed to avoid and numb such a fear — makes you more likely to fall...and perpetuate an even stiffer, fear-based response to falling. Doh!

Fear unacknowledged is like that.

See, while we relax, we can the fears, tensions, and anxieties that once kept us rigid (in both mind and body), and when we choose to flow...we discover that we can move naturally and easily.

Our moods, our breathing, even our muscles and our minds: they wind-up and unwind, open and close with fluidity.

We discover that we're naturally quite elegant.

Then What's Badassedness?

Cannon Fist Flow: Waterfall-Fallingwater-Wright
Calm under duress. That's what.

Capable of leaping giant obstacles in a single bound. That's what.

No, badassedness is not just about being able to kick some butt (that's the easy part...you'll see). It's bigger.

Badasses go to war...but not with the usual enemies. Not terrorists, governments, people, nor animals.

We go to war with enemies that hurt our communities, our families, ourselves: we fight ignorance, arrogance, and aggression.

That's badassedness.

We make peace with our murmuring minds, awaken the fluid-flow in the body, and we notice that we're naturally capable of extraordinary tenderness.

As a fearless, elegant badass, you'll be a beacon of awesomeness...relaxed, powerful, and free.

Get started.